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"Why Doesn't Somebody Do Something About The High Costs of Employee Health Benefits?"

You've heard that before?

It's about all we've heard for the past three years. We've even had government try to fix the problem. The Government can't be the solution to Private sector problems. That never works!

What If There Was A Solution?

The solution won't be found by doing the same thing in the same way every year. That doesn't work anywhere else. Why do we think it will work with Health Care?employee health benefits

Big problems always require big solutions.

The solution prior to the introduction of Benefit Houdini has been to make small tweaks to the existing health insurance plan. Small tweaks to big problems don't work.

Employee Health Benefits And PPACA

Time for a big solution! One thing the Health Care Mandate did was to provide a means to a solution. It didn't solve, but it brought to light a tool that we can use to reduce premiums on employee health benefits.

The Affordable Care Act’s Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) mandates create a unique situation where the safest product (a Fully Insured health insurance plan) is the least expensive product. We use a little “Affordable Care Act Judo” to turn this to the customer’s best interest. Read More...


Post Election View of PPACA

Why Offer Employee Health Benefits?


Hall of Fame Quarterback, Len Dawson, once stated after a rule change in the NFL, "Once you know the rules, whether you agree with them or not isn't the issue, it's your job to use them to win the game." Now that we know the rules concerning PPACA it's our job as Insurance Professionals to use them to win for our clients and ourselves! It won't do any good to blame the government or find fault with the Law. Benefit Houdini is committed to helping you use the rules to win.


You can win! This isn't the end of the world as we know it. It could be the end of small thinking about big problems. You could be one of the few that are delivering solutions to the clients you serve. They are the silent partners and major investors in your success. You owe it to them to do everything you can to help them be as successful as possible.


Employee Health Benefits That Make Sense


To keep premiums low most of your clients have had to resort to cutting back on benefits and shifting more and more cost into the employee.


What if we could increase the benefits AND put money back into the employer's pocket? 


If that's consistent with the model that you'd like to offer to your clients then we need to talk. Click here for the contact form and one of our reps will be in touch with you very soon.